PID: 2011

Events in our wine manor

Estonian wine trail open day

Welcome to the Estonian Wine Trail Open Day. We are opening our 2022 season, and we are waiting for everyone to get acquainted with the wine manor.
The tour of the Allikukivi winery takes place every full hour. There is an on-site cafe and you can definitely try the new season’s wines.

Rhubarb day

  • 4. june 12-18.00
  • Pääse: Free

Time to start making the first wine of the year!

On Rhubarb Day, we will show everyone who is interested in how wine is made in a wine manor.
In the workshop, we show the winemaking processes from start to finish.

The workshops will start at 12, 14, 16

Participation in the workshop is free.

A café is open and you can also taste drinks from the wine estate.